Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Get On Googles First Page

Let Us Show You How To Beat Out Your Competition

     I am going to show you how to be on the first page for all search engines not just Google.  Everyone will tell you they have a formula to get to the 1st page of Google, if that was the case they would be there selling their own stuff!  I bet you've blown money in the past on crummy back links only to have your site never get anymore sales or traffic, it's pathetic because there are so many people scamming you on junk.  First of all it doesn't happen overnight, second of all if you have a new business it will take months even years to get to the first 10 pages of any search engine.  OK now that being said there is a way to you can get your site to the 1st page and YES we do it all the time for all of our affiliate sites, we have close to 100 affiliate sites and half of them are with Amazon, now we've had them since 2008 and in the 1st year we made 100.00 for all of them combined.  Honestly we thought that wasn't that bad, but like you we purchased a bunch of junk online and we couldn't make a dime the next year.  All the back links we purchased were garbage, they had fake page ranks, some were directories that lead to new domains, other links were to foreign sites it was terrible.  We then tried to SEO all of our sites by hand, and that helped somewhat but still with 50 sites you'd think some would attract people and at least some would buy something?  It didn't happen and it got frustrating.  I already bought these domains for 10 years a piece, and now I was out 2500.00 on advertising, we were fed up with how people scammed us and we were ready to pack it in when a neighbors son told us about a new company, we laughed and said it's another scam but he said look into it and see what you think, I asked why and he explained when he was in college he started a hockey site and his buddy started this marketing firm, his friend was brilliant when it came to coding so we gave it a look.  In the mean time he explained with his buddies help, his one site made him 80,000 every 6 months in Amazon commissions, I said no possible way!  He then pulled up his back office and showed us, let me tell you that the 80,000 was what he got in commissions!  We forgot his total sales but I couldn't believe my eyes, he said before you buy this I am starting a new website based on nintendo games, let me see if this works on that before you go ahead so we waited 30 days and he was on Googles 1st page for 20 keywords in less then 2 weeks-his commissions were 19,000 for his first month.  If I didn't see it with my own eyes I wouldn't of believed him.  OK now it's been a few years since then and I use this now with all my sites and YES I make much more then this, way much more!  I'm no expert in the advertising field, and you don't have to be either.

Back Link Beast is a piece of software that will blow you away, it will also make you a ton of money no matter what kind of site you have.  This is perfect for someone with many affiliate sites, or even if you have just one website.  It works for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week, it builds links to sites just like yours, but only do follow links that are similar in nature, they also have to be around at least 5 years and have other criteria that is to hard to explain here.  If you want to rank a keyword phrase in the 1st page of Google this is what you need.  Forget about writing articles and getting listed in crappy directories, that doesn't work!  This ensures that your sites will get organic traffic for the rest of your sites life!  It will stay there on the 1st page forever, the software learns of your sites position within Google and Yahoo, it then looks at the formula of your competition and goes ahead on it's own and build more powerful links until it blows past them!  It's amazing and fun to watch at the same time.  Let me give you an example, have you ever looked up a term let's say Treadmills and you notice on the 1st page you see sites like Joe's Fitness?  These sites are nice but how do they rank so high?  This is WHY!  They use this software to make a boat load of money!  I don't care what kind of site you have and what you've used in the past-just forget it and never go back!  This will be the last form of marketing you will ever need and remember you can use it on all your sites.  We have one site that's based around gambling, we haven't updated the site in 2 years and we still rank on the first page of Bing and Google for 2 highly sought after keyword phrases, we make 20,000 a month just from the traffic we get from that site.  Use your head folks, this is how you get to make money online the right way.  It's affordable but the money you will make outweighs the difference.  The Best Advertising Software on the market.  

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