Friday, January 13, 2017

Florida Home Business

Start a Small Business In Florida

     Thousands of people all over Florida have started their own home business over the last decade, many were either unemployed or hated their present job.  They wanted to be in control of their destiny, be the boss and come and go as they please.  Starting a Florida Home Business is easier then you think, you don't have to have any experience in web design, drop shipping or setting a hosting account up.  This is a real legitimate business that you can call your own, our team will do everything for you including setting up your website, adding products for you, finding you a Florida Wholesaler, implementing you a email address and get you a merchant account.  Since 2000 our team has many of our site owners quite a bit of money, you could be next all we need from you is what products you'd like to sell.  Do you have an idea that you would like to take to the next level?  Maybe you've tried to start a business in the past only to give up, you found that it was harder then you thought and maybe a little to expensive?  This is very affordable and anyone can be successful, we have college graduates that can't find a job starting a business with our help, senior citizens that are doing extremely well and high school students use us within their business classes.  They have us build their site, we add the products and set up a merchant account for them and they collect the profits, each class after them markets the site and they use the profits to take class trips!  If they can do it so can you, when you Start a Small Business in Florida you will get huge tax breaks, please ask your accountant when you do your taxes.  Yes we've people millionaires, matter of fact our sites all rank high in the search engines because each item is optimized to it's maximum potential.  You can register a domain name here, we take care of hosting and designing your new website adding email addresses locating you a wholesaler and merchant account so your off and running.  The site will make you money even while you sleep, 24 hours a day that's how powerful it is, we have a terrific bunch of professional programmers that will make your new business look incredible.  Nothing goes live until you are well versed in how everything works, we will teach you how to add products yourself, how to answer emails once you get a sale, and the wholesaler to contact.  This is a Florida Drop Shipping Business which is easy to maintain, once a sale is made you will get notified by email, you then buy the product at the wholesaler and they ship it to the customer with your name on the box you don't have to stock a thing!  You can do this part time while you still work your full time job, and see how it goes or jump right in and get the ball rolling.  Forget about any bad past experiences you've had,  we guarantee that you will love it here, and when you start to see the profits you'll really love it here! Very affordable to get started, you won't break the bank.  It's a business that you can pass down to each generation and your children will start profiting from it.  Listen were getting older, do you have a retirement plan in place?  This can help you supplement your income and maybe take that vacation you've always wanted or buy that new car or home!  Your site will reach thousands of people each day because it's search engine optimized!  Browse Our Websites and see how they look.

     It won't matter if you don't know much about advertising, our professionals will guide you in how to advertise the site for free and use social media sites like Pinterest Facebook and others to make more sales.  Your here for a reason, be glad you found us.  Our marketing advice can and will take your site to new heights, just think if you started a few years ago?  There are people here that are making 6 figures a year in profit, we have many more that are making millions!  Once you get the wholesaler contact you can then sell on other sites like Amazon and Ebay.  You don't have to but the option is there for you, plus you can sell on Craigslist and in your local home town.  Start a fan page and ask your friends to join, then start adding a few products a week don't overdue it or you will lose fans, once they see what you have they will browse your site more often and probably eventually buy something.  That's the whole idea, when your site is done start pinning the pictures to Pinterest, and watch how many clicks you get.  If you do this make sure you add a brief description under the image, believe it or not Google sees this and you could rank your site a little higher.  We have a great advertising page you can go through and see How To Advertise your site, it's not mandatory but the more marketing you do the better off you will be in the long run.  We have a great group of people here and each one brings solid knowledge to the table when it comes to website design and advertising so look around some, they have great ideas.  We've had nothing but success since we started, this is because of the professionals we have on board.  They are here to help and guide you if you have any questions, if you need advice don't be afraid to ask.  We have a formula that works, it's been tweaked over the years to ensure your site does well even when your not advertising.  Google has a algorithm that changes each year, they determine how the sites to get to the 1st page.  Our team of coders is well aware of all Google changes, thus helping you rank your pages and keeping them there.  We are not a fly by night company, we have a 5 star rating with the BBB and our customer service is second to none.  Now it's up to you, isn't it about time you made the choice to better your financial status?  By doing nothing is not the answer, take advantage of what were offering you today, just think if you were here a few years ago?  Nancy in Tallahassee started a small home business centered bracelets and necklaces, she didn't want her margins high to start, she wanted to compete against the big boys, well she is now making xx,xxx monthly!  Not to bad after a one year time period.  Carlos in Miami wanted a business focused towards bird cages, he found a wholesaler in china that made wild cage designs and now he is making thousands a month, both had no experience in starting a home business.  Now it's your time to be successful let our team help you get there.

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