Saturday, January 14, 2017

Get Paid To Lose

Handicappers Get Paid To Pick Losers

     What a job, and where do I apply?  Handicappers are supposed to pick winners, that's their job but 95% of the time they are giving out losers, and they get paid big money for this.  These handicapping shows you see on television before the races is like watching retards learn how to swim.  Years ago there were no opinions on the track, and the racing industry was doing very well, now over the last 30 years handicapping shows have appeared every race day, these people offer their opinions and selections for the whole card.  Now let's take a minute to discover many of their backgrounds that give them credibility or expertise, they really must be special if they are on this show picking horses wouldn't you think?  Hey at least they must of been in the game at one time or another training horses wouldn't you think?  I wanted to take a hard look at these people because they are part of the reason this game is falling apart, a small reason but let's figure out this little problem and analyze it for a second.  I was watching Gulfstream Park not long ago and 2 women who had to be 30 years old were giving their selections for the card, both easy on the eyes but clueless on how to pick a horse, we wrote all their selections down for 2 straight days, 20 races and WOW they picked one winner each! Pretty impressive wouldn't you say?  So they are wrong 90% of the time, and the salary is pretty dam good.  What bothers us the most is it's not their fault, race tracks are doing this whole marketing thing the wrong way.  This is part of the formula why people are losing interest in thoroughbred racing.  I remember going to the track in the early 70's and there was no OTB or track handicappers, maybe in the local newspaper guys left their picks but that was it.  As a gambler, no one wants to hear this person talk about horse racing, we already understand they can't pick winners, they talk like they are trainers, and how something is suppose to be done well in reality they are getting paid to lose.  That's a fact jack!  I don't know of any young people getting into the sport of kings unless it's part of a crappy syndicate.  The industry has forced people to lie in order to get them into the racing industry, it's true, you won't see anyone under the age of 40 getting into the thoroughbred game unless it's part of a syndicate.  The funny part is the people that run these syndicates are pretty sleezy also, they have a angle to let you in to their pyramid scheme and they give you a song and dance hoping you'll sign up then they get their portion of the training bill FREE and you get stuck with a bill.  Let's get back to the handicapper, ask one what job they held before they became a handicapper, just listen to their answer.  It's comical that a large race track, with a broad base of followers would even hire these people?  OK so they're here, we have to deal with it right?  Well if they got laid off where would they go, to the white house?

     This was a great quote we heard from a gambler at a local OTB-Listening to a Handicapping Show is worse then watching and listening to "The Kardashians"  

     It's the Best Job In America your getting paid to lose!  It's not the handicappers fault though, I wish I could go back and looked at the ad the track put in the paper for this employment position-it must of said something like this.  Earn 100,000 for being wrong, no experience needed, must dress nice and be good at lying.  Being 2 faced is a must and having broad shoulders will be expected.  As long as you can not follow directions you will be paid handsomely

Where was this position when I was growing up?  

     I mean no retired trainer would ever take a job like this right?  It's their reputation, no one wants to have a label like this thrust upon them, or so you would think.  Handicappers now could care less really, and can you blame them?  They are making great money for a job they have no skills for. Tracks don't need handicappers, they think because it's a show that people are drawn into it, well in reality no one listens and no one cares.  It really is like a bad reality show, and they wonder why no one is getting into the business?  I'd rather put my dick in a car door and slam it shut, then listen to 2 girls pick horses.  If you are listening to them I guarantee your losing at the track!  If I'm wrong don't share this post but if I am right we hope you share this.  When I was a kid I loved hanging around the old timers at the track, they wouldn't bet every race maybe a few each day and they were pretty good at picking winners, it was a fun atmosphere, now when you go it's all about listening to garbage, it's not fun anymore.  People have left, good people that have seen the writing on the walls.  Just look at some high up positions at the track, look what they did in the past for work it's really mind boggling that they are running the show at a multi million dollar operation.  I'm not saying handicappers are the sole reason the industry is in a decline, but they are the faces you see everyday picking losers and getting paid pretty well.

     Were just trying to make light of a bad situation, maybe we were a little hard on these people in this article, but if you think about it are we wrong?  I am sorry if I hit a nerve with some of you, but when I see our military making 35,000 risking their lives for our freedom and then have to listen to handicappers that are making 6 figures and listening to the garbage that comes out of their mouths it just makes us sick.  I do love the track though, but only go when Saratoga runs, and I do bet online now so I don't have to listed to the crap at a local OTB.  The thoroughbred industry needs to be overhauled, from top to bottom.  So many bad things outweigh the good things, it really is pathetic.