Friday, January 20, 2017

Get Your Family Involved

Bring Your Family Closer Together
Teach Them Business Skills
As They Get Older You Can Leave The Business To Them

     Sometimes its not about the money, it's about teaching your kids the value of a dollar.  By starting a business with your children allows them to see how you made money and what the steps were to get there,  We kind of like the way drop shipping works, and it's easy to learn plus it teaches lessons along the way.  How to build a site from scratch, learn about hosting, finding a wholesaler, adding products, adding a email and finding a merchant for payment.  Plus it's a fun business to learn, everyone involved makes money, it's good for the economy and everyone wins in the end.  You can leave the business to your children when you get older because they already know how to operate it.  

     As you get older it also helps you financially, it gives you extra income for retirement and let me tell you every little bit helps.  There are a ton of options when it comes to home businesses but drop shipping is simple to learn and gives you a solid foundation as far as business smarts go.  You have many more opportunities in this niche, as long as you know of a product that sells.  Owning a business is only the beginning, there is much more to learn, like how to optimize the product for the search engines,  This is done by specific tagging or adding keyword phrases.  They call it SEO, and the more you write about the item within the site the better a chance it will rank higher on Yahoo and Google.  This is called page rank, some of the larger sites like Google and Facebook have page rank sites of 10, the lower the number means the less it will be seen.  

     Marketing your site takes some thought, we recommend you take a look at your competition and see how they priced their products, this will give you an idea on where you have to be in order to make a profit.  Ask yourself would you buy something from them?  Does their site look credible? Have a business plan in place when it comes to advertising, if you don't have any experience don't worry there are many affordable ways to get your site out there without breaking the bank, and social media is one of those places.  If your on Facebook start a fan page and if you don't have any experience with that, you can find people to help you it's easier then you think.  Try to learn as much about your site as you can, how to add the products, know what to charge, get familiar with the wholesaler and do some research on them.  

     There is a company that does all the hard work for you, they will take your business idea and make it a reality plus it's very affordable.  Will you get rich?  The answer is no, not in the beginning this is a business that you are starting from scratch, but when you get a grasp on how to run it then yes you will be making money sooner then expected.  You don't have to be a expert here, you won't need to know how to code the site or have to know about graphics or logos.  Once your associated with them they will handle everything for you so your site can start making you money as soon as it's completed.  They leave nothing to chance, you will get the last say before the website is turned over to you.  If you want to make last minute changes they will help you 7 days a week, they have a great support staff that wants you to be successful.  

     Make this a family business, though you can also do it yourself it's much more fun to have the whole family involved.  Having their input is never a bad thing, 4 heads are better then one plus they will give you more ideas on how to run the business better.  Don't take anything for granted, if this is your first family business there will be a learning curve, but with a great customer service team behind you that wants you to succeed it makes it less stressful.  There are also other perks you might want to take a look at, like buying yourself things at wholesale prices!  Trust me it's a plus especially around birthday's and holidays, you will be saving yourself money.  

     You can browse some of the websites and businesses that they've helped get off the ground and decide for yourself if this is for you.  It's a hands on business that you control and you are the boss perfect for anyone just getting started that wants to work from home, you won't be disappointed.  

     This is a great business opportunity that the whole family will enjoy!  Take a few minutes to give them a look, you'll be glad you did!

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