Monday, January 16, 2017

High School Fundraisers

Perfect For Teaching and Raising Money

     Searching for a way to earn money for High School Fundraisers?  This is a guaranteed way to have money coming in year after year, plus it teaches students how to run a business.Its kind of caught on all over the country, schools are using this formula instead of selling raffle tickets or car washes, it seems to be the norm and if you haven't done it in your school yet it's something you should think about.  In 2011 a school from the west coast decided that they needed a new way to teach kids about business, what they did was actually start a website to sell products.  In turn the business was handed down from year to year to the students that were coming in after them.  The profits from that business went to a few areas, one being it was used for trips for students, this offset the cost so the parents wouldn't have to play the full amount, another percentage was used for investing and a small amount was used for the community.  It's a way to teach the kids about responsibility, and how to run a business.  This form of fundraising is now taking off around the country, teachers are now utilizing this as a way to teach valuable lessons in many fields.  Schools like the aspect and it doesn't cost them money. plus it's cost effective with all the money going to good causes and it leaves the schools a place to find other spots within the school itself where that money can go to other needed resources.  The focus is about running a business, it teaches kids about running their own business someday but this is more of a hands on approach.  The method is drop shipping, one of the easiest forms of making money online.  The students are taught to buy a domain name, how hosting is needed for a site to run, how to add products to a site and where to find them through a wholesaler.  Once the site is set up every time a sale is made the student then pays the wholesaler to ship the item and the profit is transferred into another account, usually run by a teacher.  The profits are divided into 3 ways, 1/3 is set aside for school functions like trips, 1/3 is for investing-the school will set up an account where kids can invest that money into stocks, and the final 1/3 is for the community, this is given to local food pantry's maybe the Ronald McDonald House or given to animal shelters.

     School administrators loves how the money is dispersed, plus it gives students a little background on how businesses are run in case they want to start their own one day and it helps by giving back.  Every year the business seems to grow a little more with more advertising which helps future students.  It's a new form of High School Fund Raising and it's taken off, more schools around the country have seen the idea work and now are implementing this in their schools.  It does more then teach children how to make money it gives them real life business experience which can only help when they reach the new world.  One teacher said something clicks and goes off in their heads once they see how this works and how easy it is.  A few students have gone on and started their own businesses and are now coming back to the high school they were a student at and telling their own story.  Because this is a school project no taxes are needed to be paid, as it's a learning curriculum but we recommend you contacting your local school accountant about the need to start a LLC or DBA.  One school has donated 4500.00 to breast cancer awareness, another donated 2000.00 to a local senior assisted living facility one school gave 1500.00 to a local animal shelter, the effects of this one small business can reach thousands of people.  I think when you bring this idea to your local business teacher and show them this, they will realize how powerful and uplifting a class like this can be.  There was one school that took the money and took a trip to Colorado Springs to see the Olympic Training Facility, it cost the students zero!  No more giving raffle tickets to their parents to sell at work, no more weekend car washes, and no more hassles.  Parents love not having to get involved in this aspect of their kids lives, plus it teach numerous valuable lessons on now to succeed.  It gives them options when they are thinking about colleges or trade schools.  Some become entrepreneurs and go on to building their own business, as you can see it helps everyone involved.  Some teachers have taken this form of drop shipping and realized how much money they could make, some have taught their students on how to add the wholesaler products to places like Amazon to make even more money.  They recognized how to maximize the sites potential for reaching a larger audience.

     One local municipality has actually used drop shipping, the town was going through financial problems when they heard of a local high school doing this to make money, so they got their town board involved and started a business of their own, now they are making money and that profit is going into their overall fund to lower the tax base for the local community.  It's not the same fundraisers when you and I were young, and because drop shipping is a easy concept to learn everyone wins.  High School Fundraising Ideas have come a long way, were sure they could be used for many other things but teaching kids the value of a dollar when it pertains to business is extremely valuable as the student gets older plus it helps the school save money.  Salehoo is the company we recommend to help you get started, they have an outstanding group of professionals that can get you off and running.  They can take your idea and make it a reality, they have a business plan that works 100% of the time.  If you need to raise money for a school event then try this form of fundraising, we think you'll like the outcome.  If you've ever thought of starting a business with drop shipping then take this information into consideration.

Thank You