Thursday, January 19, 2017

I Hate My Job A Good Read

How Many Times Have You Said That

     They should put that phrase as the #1 used sentence of all time.  After a while it starts to get to you, eventually stress sets in and health problems arise, but not all of us can leave our full time job because were either to old, and have nowhere else to go, or the money they are paying is to good to leave.  There are many reasons why you hate your job, and if I was to guess it is probably your boss. Don't feel alone because your not, that's why many turn to working part time, they always could use the money but just trying something else is good for the soul, your new boss is probably a great guy and works his butt off and makes half the money.  It's good to see how the other side lives, at least it's a wake up call.  I don't know how many times I've heard I Hate My Job just in the last few months, I guess people are fed up with the BS and how they are treated by their bosses, that's why they look for something else and a home business is a great place to start.  All you need is an idea, and were sure at one time in your life you've had that one good idea and never pursued it, well you still can.  If you haven't tried working from home maybe it's time you looked into it, your probably fed up with all the stress from your day job you might as well give this a whirl.  You have nothing to lose, and you might like it enough to make that change, at least you can tell yourself you made an effort.  This world will give you many opportunities in life to be successful, in many cases you just let it pass you by and could care less.  You probably had something holding you back in the past, well maybe it's your time now?  Many successful people have started their businesses after the age of 50, when you get a tad older you get a tad smarter.

     Maybe your outlook is different now, you might of went through a divorce not long ago and need a fresh start, your kids are older and you just need a change.  It's not a bad thing, you can still have your cake and eat it too.  You can still work and have a home business at the same time, it's actually the way normal people do it.  It's hard to leave a job with health benefits and a pension, that being said your body is probably getting sore and as we get older it fails us quicker then we think.  That's why having a good backup plan like starting a home business isn't a bad idea.  Were not here to persuade anyone, but we all have said at one point in our life (would of could of should have).  You can always do something part time working from home and see if it's your cup of tea, it's just an option.  Many millionaires have taken ideas from people like you that couldn't afford to take it to the next level, that's how they made their money.  The show Shark Tank really gives people a chance to take their idea to the public, they hope that they get a Shark to invest their time and money and hopefully they will get rich, but some don't take the money and hope the show gets others attention and they get seen by the world.  It's the realization many of us have, that's why the show does so well. You don't have to have a lot of money to make your idea work, if you have that one good idea to help your family financially why don't you give it a try?  You can contemplate this till your blue in the face and wonder why you never gave it a chance or you could take some time and make a small business plan and put the wheels in motion it's your call.   We hope by reading this it gives you a small push that you've needed to make things right, you never know unless you try.

     The phrase (I Hate My Job) is the sole reason your probably here.  You probably hate your financial status also, your not alone you probably deserve a raise and haven't got one in a long time or your under paid now, there are numerous ways to make money working from home you just have to search out which one would be right for you.  We've seen people just like you that started with pretty much no money and turned it into a multi-million dollar business, people with no business skills have had tremendous success, maybe it's not the idea they had it was their willingness to succeed.  You have to tell yourself this is your time to succeed.  Failure is part of life, no one succeeds without falling down a few times.  The ones that fail are the ones with excuses, the ones that succeed have perseverance, we know of many that have consistently failed at starting a home business, but why did they fail?  Mainly it was because they had no clue how to be successful, they never learned what focus and drive is.  It won't come overnight, nor will it come in a few months, a business plan is there for a reason if it doesn't work you have to switch it up till it does work and don't be afraid to ask questions.  If your stuck try and seek out someone that has had experience in what your doing and get their opinion on how to do it right.  Everyday you wake up, tell yourself (I Will Be Successful Today) no matter what your going to be doing, making lunch for the kids, your job, your family life you have to be in the right mindset to be succeed.  If you have a partner get them saying that when they get up, it helps if you both want it!

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