Friday, January 6, 2017

Free Way To Make Money

I Am Going To Show You How To Do It

     We actually caught this by mistake well a family member did, after they told me about it I laughed so hard, it was so clever I was pissed I didn't think of it!  After a little digging it actually blew me away how much money people were making, it was staggering.  I will give you a few versions but this is for people that are looking for a way to make a killer living and not spending a dime.  OK here goes, if your on Facebook and were sure you probably are you've seen hundreds if not thousands of recipes that are on videos that come your way.  We've all seen them and many look delicious, anyway what I caught was a smart way to profit off of them.  What I want you to do is the next time you see these recipe videos, we want you to write them down and the headline of what they are.  It will take you less then 2 minutes to do this, after let's say you get 50 or so now I want you to go to (WORD) on your computer and start to write these recipes down, do it in a nice format where everything looks pretty similar.  Before you actually write these down, try and give a little description about yourself, be honest and say this is John Smith and these are some amazing recipes that have come my way and I'd like to share them with the world, build it up a little and use your imagination, try and have at least 300 words in there then start writing those recipes.  Once you get them all down I want you to go to Amazon Kindle Publisher-here you can sign up it's free to do, they will give you places to fill in about your book a title author publisher and so on then they will ask you to add a file for the book, that's where your recipes come in.  Once that is completed you will be asked to add a ebook cover and they give you free options to do this, they will ask you how much you want for the book let's say 2.99 for a ballpark estimate.  Then you will be asked if you want to give it away, say YES but only for 2 days so people can write reviews about your new recipe book.  Then wait, and watch the money roll in!  I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at one publisher and noticed all the recipes they found online and found on Facebook!  His book sold 1500 times at 4.99 in only 60 days!  Though Amazon will keep a small percentage he still made a boat load of cash and it took him less then a few days to do!  This is one Free Way To Make Money!  Now I am seeing it more and more with other products!  You can take this to a new level if you want, now if your not all that familiar with Amazon and how to publish on Kindle we recommend you taking a small course on How To Publish On Kindle to get you off and running!  If you were to invest any money at all this would be it, worth it's weight in gold!

     You don't have to be a professional writer at all!  Matter of fact you don't even have to know how to write period!  If you can copy and paste and maybe add a few pictures your going to make money.  

     The more I dug into this I was astonished how much this takes place, but it's easy and the money is pretty good, the nice part is that it NEVER STOPS!  Once your book gets some reviews that are good your book will sell forever and it sells in different languages all over the world.  It's literally going to take a few hours to get everything down the way you want it, make sure it looks sharp to people that will be reading it, because you want people to buy your 2nd and 3rd book, do you know what I mean?  Though it's your first time trying this make sure everything looks classy.  Many are doing this same method as a Free Way To Make Money and you can to, just follow your head and you can do this with numerous ideas.  One person actually made a book showing his favorite fire pits with a Amazon Link at the bottom of the images, so if someone wanted to buy it all they had to do was click the image and they were taken to Amazon and he got the affiliate commission.  How clever was that!  So that means you have to become a Amazon Affiliate, and that's easy enough to do just apply and your done.  Now that's the same idea of copy and paste, the formula works!  Hey if you don't have any money to spend you have nothing to lose.  Everything is free here we are giving you, but take a look at that course above and seriously think about it, gives great tips on how to leverage your book and get the best out of it!  Well there you go, it's the best way to free money and the money comes in forever!  Good Luck With This Information!

Thank You

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