Sunday, January 15, 2017

High Paying Affiliate Programs

Certain Affiliate Companies Make You More.
This is a list of the Best Paying Affiliates Of 2016-It's Based On Impressions and Sales 
Get Signed Up-Add Their Banners To Your Sites
All Paying Huge Commissions

     One company that pays very well, Label Your Stuff by adding these banners to your site, you will instantly get clicks and sales, it's a company that has been around a long time that pays very well. You have a huge variety of links and banners you can add to your site!
Label Your Stuff

     People always need graphics and logos designed for websites, this is probably the best company to be associated with.  Logo Nerds has always been one of the highest paying affiliates in the market place, great selection of banners to choose from.
Logo Nerds

     When school is in session these banners will make you money, School Supplies from Guided is always at the top of the list when it comes to affiliate customer support.  They carry everything you need when it comes to school supplies.
School Supplies

     B&B Tobacco offers you 8% commissions on all sales, they have a high percentage of sales every year, it's not that targeted of a audience plus they pay immediately.  The banners are sharp plus they offer many other links-highly recommended.
B&B Tobacco

     Kids Wellness has one of the highest commission structures on the market today, offering 25% on all products, and they will pay you more as you sell more.  Make sure you use this affiliate if your targeting your site towards children.
Kids Wellness

     Durex Condoms are the #1 Rated condom the last 25 years, if your site is sexual in nature you can add any of their links and they pay extremely high, cookie lasts forever with them!  Use it in your rotation.
Durex Condoms

     Diecast Models is one of the affiliate companies that have been around forever, they have a solid reputation that pays very well, they offer you a great variety of banners to choose from, one of the best on the market as far as affiliate companies go.
Diecast Models

     Resume Planet gives you 30% commissions on all sales, professional resumes made by a team of professional writers that have 20 plus years experience.  Very highly thought of company that offers it's affiliates bonus's.
Resume Planet

     Lingerie Mart is the oldest lingerie store in the world, they give you 7% commission on all sales then another 3% after you hit a certain number.  Both women and men but from them, and at a high rate.
Lingerie Mart

     Mouse Flow is a web analytics tool that can help a company grow faster and smarter, they offer you a 10% commission structure, they are highly thought of in the SEO world.
Mouse Flow

     MY App Builder offers you 10.00 instantly plus 10% on all upgrades plus another 10% on all sales.  Perfect for someone that offers mobile devices on their website.
MY App Builder

     China Vision gives you literally thousands of products to choose from, the banners alone get you clicks which in turn gives you cash, they offer everything wholesale.  Nice payment structure.
China Vision

     Corporations For Teams helps small businesses succeed, you get paid per click plus per sale, people usually sign up for a long time here giving you a residual commission!
Corporation For Team

     KK Discount offers gifts in the asian lifestyle, you might think it's focused on the Asian people, but they get sales all over the globe, Very high payment structure and when people buy they always come back.
KK Discount

     Drop Ship Designs offers a large variety of items at wholesale, one of the largest wholesalers in the world, you get 10% sale on everything, once a customer purchases they always come back for more.
Drop Ship Designs



     Cure Debt pays you 300.00 per sale plus they pay you per click, once someone leaves their email address you also get paid!  They have been one of the BEST AFFILIATE PROGRAMS since 2000. They help people with bad credit get loans also obtain mortgages, bankruptcies and more!

     Bet America is another TOP Choice, it's for people that love horse racing, you get the commission for the lifetime of the user, and they will use it often trust us!  They match the customers 1st deposit up to 300.00 that's HUGE!  If you gamble take a look at this program!

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