Monday, January 23, 2017

It's Not About The Money

It's Not All About Making Money

     No matter what business you decide on you have to be happy, many entrepreneurs just care about the lifestyle and their toys but are they actually happy?  If you find something that puts a spark in you then we say go for it you only go around once and being happy is so much better then being content.  You've made it this far though you might be struggling you realize the value of a dollar and know how to stretch it.  Before you make an attempt at a home business say to yourself is this what I really want to do?  Think about it, because you will be investing your time and money into something that you've never done before, it's not like buying a car or a home this is so much different.

     You have to think down the road, will you be happy 10 years from now?  There will be mistakes made and money lost, that's just how everyone begins no one is perfect.  If you have an idea that you think will make you happy that's all that matters.  You have to love what your doing or nothing good will come of it, remember when you were growing up and you loved baseball and couldn't wait to get to the ball field to play?  But as you got older you outgrew that part of your life and other things came into your life that mattered more.  Now your older and you already know what makes you happy, your brain is now programmed to your likes and dislikes it will be impossible to change especially when we get to a certain age.

     OK so you don't have the money to pursue your new business, what happens next do you just give up or do you do something about it.  That's your decision but case in point whatever you decide will effect not only you but the people that surround you, if your miserable they will be to.  If your family sees that your depressed it will effect everyone, so please take that into account before you make a big decision.  Owning a business is a lot of work are you prepared to do what's necessary to make it or halfway through are you going to bail?  If your new business isn't making money by a certain point what's the next step?  You should have a formula or business plan that can guide you, people forget about this step and once a setback happens they just want to pack it in and give up, don't do this especially if you love the concept.  Rome wasn't built in a day folks, try to think futuristic and how your life will change once your happy.

     You might have tried a few home businesses in the past and they didn't work out, try not to dwell on your failures but remember that feeling because it will give you positive energy to move forward. Owning a new business will give you more pleasure then heartache, try and stay on a path that will lead you to success, if you have no business plan there are many places online that can do this for you, all you have to do is search the internet for business plans.  Were not here to persuade you one way or the other, but we were once in your shoes and from our experience the people that love what they do always seem to prosper faster and longer.  Make a list of what kind of business you would like to have, then do some research on the idea and or products, this could take a while but it will give you a better understanding of what your up against.

     There will be competition, take a gander at their site and see if you would buy something from them?  Does their site appeal to you?  What changes would you make in order to sell more, try to be less focused on marketing and more focused on visual things.  If it's appealing to the eye chances are it's a good site, add it to your favorites and do this with all the sites and do a comparison.   Every single time someone does this they seem to succeed, your not reinventing the wheel here but what you are doing is taking a original idea and making it better!

     Trust me it's not about the money, we know millionaires that are very unhappy.  Money can make people miserable and hard to deal with.  If you like what your doing that's half the battle, go through all your information with a fine toothed comb and go over it like it's your last will and testament.  The better informed you are the happier you will be.
Here's To Your Success!

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