Monday, January 16, 2017

Start a Cleaning Business

Low Start Up Costs For Entrepreneurs

     This is one start up that won't break the bank, owning a cleaning business can be very profitable especially if done right.  Finding customers is the hard part, once you have a few clients your business might take off, women are finding out that their jobs are boring and want something more then their 9-5 job.  If you go on any craigslist ad you will notice people listing their services for home cleaning, it's the perfect place to advertise.  These are the people you will be catering to, mainly senior citizens that can't bend over anymore, usually the people that respond are their children.  They want someone to clean their parents place a few times a week and maybe sit with them a few hours a day.  Doctors are another potential client, because of the hours the work they can't be home to do clean as often as the want to.  Here is a general list of clients to go after, doctors, lawyers, senior citizens, people that work in the broadcasting industry, executives and athletes.  This is just a short list but starting a residential cleaning business can lead to other things, like the example we listed above sitting with the elderly a few hours a day, maybe bringing them to their doctor appointments or doing a little cooking for them?  It's all depended on what your willing to do for the client.  But throw that out there and make it known that you can do more then just cleaning.  Word of mouth carries a lot of weight in this field, once your established you'll notice more work coming your way.  If you wanted to start a commercial cleaning business the steps are more in depth, like forming a business, getting insurance, payroll and licensing.  Though you'll make much more is this something you can do on your own?  You have to ask yourself these questions, how do I bid contracts and who are the people to contact?  How do you know what to charge and where can you buy your cleaning solutions at wholesale?  There is a lot to take into consideration when your looking at starting a commercial cleaning business.  Try going small first to see how you like it, start placing ads in your local penny saver and craigslist first, maybe start a blog and give a description on what your offering.  This is where we recommend you start, it won't cost you a lot of money to have a cleaning website designed but it's something you should consider to get your business off and running.  Your whole cleaning business should cost you no more then 500.00 to get started.  That should include your cleaning materials website and advertising, This will give you a reasonable base where you can start to obtain new customers and have the tools to do the job.  In many cases you will get paid cash but in some instances people will pay you by credit card or check, so have a receipt book with you and you might need an attachment you can add to your cellphone so you can take payment that way.  If you do things on the up and up, get a DBA there are many tax advantages when you start a cleaning business.  Just because you might think you know it all you probably don't.  There are forms you need to have just in case and where to get advice when you get started.

     Get yourself come business cards made up and you can do this online through Vista Print or any local Staples.  If your thinking long term have a professional make you a logo, you could have a brand down the road, hey you never know.  You can go to a site called fiverr and look for people that make logos, it's cheap and they do a nice job you will be able to get a few revisions so give a good detailed description on how you want your logo to look, some people will also design business cards there for you, just make sure you get a copy you can save to your file if you order a large amount, vista print will need this file to generate large numbers of cards for you.  In this cleaning package you will get everything you need to get started and get clients.  If your looking to Start a Cleaning Business then this is what you need to be successful.

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