Friday, January 13, 2017

Viral Video Software

Text To Video Software

     It's the hottest selling piece of video software to come around in a long time, if you have a blog you need this!  Your text will be placed on the video by a video spokesperson and you can have it run as long as you wish, add different images, have a woman's voice or a man's voice.  The possibilities are endless, you can upload to a variety of video search engines, add links in the description and a lot more. Plus the videos stay forever, you could do reviews, talk about politics, this is the new wave.  It takes less then a few minutes to complete any video, you can have pictures in the background or add banners and logos throughout the video.  It's one of the Best Video Software on the market today, just think how much traffic you will be able to generate with one video?  If your a blogger you can make a video for each post and it takes no time at all, it gives you more chances to make money plus your site will reach many more people.  When bloggers come across your page and see a video in a post 85% of them will watch it, that's a very high number!  If it's not a blog and there is a video there only 19% click it.  As you can see that's a very large difference, why we don't know but as a blog owner this gives you a lot of power against your competition.  You will notice people sharing your posts 100 x more then usual, if you run a funny blog we have seen many posts that go viral in days getting over 1 million views.  Just imagine if one of your posts got over 500,000 views?  That's the Video Software Power here.  Yo can change up the person in the video, what they were and how they speak. If you have voice to text on your laptop then you can use your own voice, you can add sub titles all over the video, it's one of the best if not the best software on the market and you don't have to be a wizard on uploading and downloading, the directions are so easy a 10 year old could do this.  Just think if you had 100 videos on YouTube or 1000 or maybe even 10,000 just think of the traffic you will be able to generate?  We've seen quite a few channels that have 100,000 subscribers or more and they have 10,000 videos up and running, now think of the money they are making!  It will take you less then 5 minutes to design your video and get it on YouTube that's how fast it is.  Have a logo designed and add it to every video, it's like branding so down the road if you ever decide to sell your site it will be worth a lot more.  Make the logo stick out and look sharp, you can go to fiverr and have one developed for you, have a few made in different sizes.

     You really have to see it in action, add your name and email and watch how you can easily make videos that will make you money.  It's one of the few that you will find yourself using a majority of the time.  Even if you only made a few videos a week imagine how much free extra traffic that will generate for you?  When your visitor sees that you have a video on your blog, they will stay there longer which means you have a better chance to make a sale, we guarantee they will click something else other then your video!  It's changed the market place, bloggers love it!  There are many that use this form of advertising for review sites, let's say for internet marketers or sites like Amazon, they will review a product and give their affiliate link within the description of the video, now remember this stays forever so the more people that watch the video the more of a chance you have to get a commission.  You could literally review thousands of items, and it doesn't stop there.  You can do this for all your affiliate links, we have people making thousands of dollars per month by just using this form of marketing.  Try sharing the videos on social media and see even more traffic, make sure you use some keyword phrases within your description of the video itself.  The more you write in the description body of the video the better a chance it will rank within all search engines.  Make sure to enable comments also, people love to leave their own opinions just be honest and genuine writing about the product.  You can even offer your services on places like fiverr, make videos for people and earning even more money.  Everything is hosted on a dedicated server so you have no worries that the videos will go down.  Viral Video Software will be around a long time, we hope you take advantage of it and use it wisely!

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