Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Diamond Affiliates Needed

One Of The Largest Pay Structures For Affiliates

     With an average ticket of 2500.00 and you get 12% having a banner on your site advertising diamonds sounds pretty good doesn't it.  You will get paid through Paypal every two weeks or once a month.  You will be offering Discount Diamonds at the lowest prices, the business has been around for a number of years.  The banners sell themselves and women love Diamond Jewelry.  As an affiliate for one of the largest Wholesale Diamond Distributors in the world, you have the opportunity to make some serious money.  You will also be able to buy diamonds at a 10% discount for your own use.  It is the Best Jewelry Affiliate you will ever come across, with a list of close to 1500 products you will never get bored of those high commission checks.  People use various ways to attract visitors, many offline.  Some of the larger scale affiliates place ads in their local newspapers or coupon books to reach thousands at once.  The Jewelry Affiliate Niche is a small market, not many promote diamonds on their blogs, but were here to tell you this is a great chance to make some great money.  Wholesale Diamond Jewelry Affiliates only have 3% of the market place, it is solely single companies that market themselves to the public thus the pay per click ads are extremely high, you can maneuver around this with other forms of advertising like classified sites such as craigslist.  There are other ways that have been very successful through Facebook, you can start a fan page or group and offer discounts for people that would like to join your fan page.  You can now add products to your fan page, this is very easy to do and it is free.  Having a presence on social media will bring you many more sales, you can start a Pinterest page and share the images from a blog that you started. Have some articles shared to article directories, that also will drive traffic.  If you already own a blog that is focused around women, the banners sell themselves, usually your traffic will add your site to their favorites and visit you more frequently.  If you only sold one diamond a month your commissions would range from 400-600 dollars a month, that's nothing to sneeze about.  One thing we noticed once you get a customer they often buy more then once and or they share your site with their friends.  It will have a small viral effect so don't be surprised after you make your first sale your second will come quickly there after.  If your a professional affiliate this is something you need in your arsenal, we know of a few people that have written a few Jewelry Books and used their affiliate link within the book and made well over 20,000 in a few days.  If you have the knack for advertising the sky is the limit here.

     This can be used for people looking for Wholesale Diamonds, no one wants to pay full price for a diamond, and if that's you do yourself a favor and sign up as a affiliate, plus you will get an additional 10% off on your first purchase.  You can do a little homework on the business, they have been around a long time and have a excellent BBB rating.  Their affiliates have been with them for years, so it's a solid legitimate Diamond Business, and a great one at that.  The banners they offer will catch your viewers eyes, especially if they are looking for Discount Diamond Jewelry!  Many come here from around the world for some amazing diamond earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets.  The people that buy here are going to spend, so it's worth it to do a little advertising it will pay off in the end.  Were telling you this because this is somewhat of a untapped affiliate market, though it's more focused towards selling diamonds we think you should sign up as one of their affiliates.  Like we said above, you might know someone that is getting married soon or looking to purchase a diamond for another reason, just point them to your website with their banner and chances are they will buy because the prices are that low!  This is your chance to become a Diamond Affiliate with one of the largest Diamond Wholesalers in the world.  Join the Diamond Affiliate Team Today!

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