Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How To Make Money With Your Blog

Here We Will Show You How To Make More Money With Your Blog

     If your struggling with making money from your blog, we want to show you some easy ways to monetize your blog better.  Everyone thinks they're a pro when it comes to making money, the truth is not many people make money at all, a few of the reasons why is maybe you aren't writing enough content, banner placement or the companies your using for affiliates don't have the eye catching banners you can add to your site?  Blogger is recommended because you don't have to pay for hosting, it's recognized more on Google and you can have as many blogs as you wish and it won't cost you anymore money.  We know that using other blogging platforms can cost you some money, but why would you pay when this platform is free?  Sure having relevant content will set you apart, but the businesses you are advertising on your site can make or break you.  In our opinion that's they key to making an affiliate income, that being said below we have listed some incredible companies that offer affiliate banners and text links that you can add to your site.  You can apply for one or all of them, you don't have to wait for them to review your submission, once you add your details your all set to go.  

     Once you start applying to promote these companies, you will be offered a bunch of banners to add to your blog, but first we want you to look at the commissions you will be getting.  These are some of the highest affiliate commissions you will find anywhere.  When you start writing your blog, you can focus on the business itself or one of their products, but we recommend you write about what you love, maybe a hobby.  We have blogs that are centered around businesses that offer high payouts, I know what your thinking but we are here to make money.  Our blogs are not all about home business, we branched out to women's jewelry, men's cologne, ink cartridges and the list goes on and on.  You have to be smart when writing the blog description, especially if it pertains to a niche item let's say the company offers toys for children.  You don't have to write reviews about toys what you should be doing is writing about how children love to play outside the house or how kids don't use the toys after they are playing with them for a year?  You could also write about how kids grow out of their clothes, do you see where we are coming from?  Make your content geared towards children and parenting, but have your banners ready to go and place them all over your blog.

     When someone starts reading your blog posts chances are they will click one of your ads, they might make a purchase and they might not but your hoping they will add you to their favorites and come back to read some more at another time.  Have your content at least 500 words in length and highlight specific terms throughout the site. This will tell search engines that your context is related to a keyword phrase.  Eventually the more you write the higher you will rank for that phrase, you won't pay for advertising because you won't need to.  The more you write the higher you will rank, and you can do this with all your blogs through blogger.  This is how bloggers make their money, by writing relevant material that corresponds to your whole blog.  Soon you will notice more traffic reading your posts, the more people that visit the more of a chance you will make money.   The companies we have listed below have descriptions on how they pay their affiliates, they break it down so anyone can understand.  Pick the ones that you think you can make money with, but there are a few that sell similar things, so apply for whatever ones you think will look the best on your site.  This is how you Make Money With Your Blog, you can even add the banners within the blog post itself, it really is up to you.  

     You can add any advertising to your blog, these are the companies we recommend because of how they pay and they are high profile.  You can add contextual ads, or make links with certain words, use banners and use the blog to point to a hub site of your own. When you click the businesses below you will be able to sign up instantly, as soon as you do you will get access to all their information immediately.  We've gotten hundreds of compliments on this list and we do update it frequently, once in a while you will see new affiliate businesses there but a majority of the time we like to keep it the way it is.  We've simplified the steps for you, now it's up to you.  There is one company that is not on that list called Curadebt they offer you 300.00 or more for each sale, even when someone clicks to add their email, you get paid.  By adding these banners your chances of getting a large paycheck increase with each page read-they help people with bad credit.  We wish you nothing but the best and hope you come back often and check out our posts.  The team does a lot on this blog to help people make money.
1) 123 Refills
2) 4 Team Corporation
3) Absolute Toner
4) Absorb Health
5) All-Battery
6) Alpine Air Technologies
7) Amber Pieces
8) American Cleaning
9) American Family Safety
10) American Made Solutions
11) Amtify
12) Angelique
13) Apartment Hunters
14) Aukoala
15) Auto Safety
16) Avahost
17) Axvoice
18) Background Searcher
19) Baseball Closeout
20) Baseball Rampage
21) Bazzle Baby
22) Best Personal Jewelry
23) Blinds Express
24) BMS Great Lakes
25) BNB Tobacco
26) Bumpkkey
27) Clothing Bunny Berry
28) Burnright
29) Buy Cool Shirts
30) Checkout Store
31) ChinaBuye
32) Chinavasion
33) ChocolateOrg
34) Clear Screening
35) College Subscription
37) Cosmodex
38) Create Online Report
39) DA-Active
41) DealFlicks
42) DH Styles
43) DialMyCalls
44) Dickey Shirts
45) Diecast Models
46) Difgar Enterprises
47) Directories Today
48) DMCA
49) Dropship Design
50) Epow Host
51) ESmoke Club
52) Eat Green Tea
53) Emagin
54) Epic Displays
55) Everden
56) Everything For Dolls
57) Fashion Mia
58) Feel Foxy
59) Flags
60) Formula Zone
61) Funslurp
62) Garden Tower
63) Geek Buying
64) Get Social Get Fans
65) Glamulet
66) Global Eye Glasses
67) Golden Moon
68) Golf Ball Selector
69) Got Web Host
70) GPGS
71) Great American Health
72) Guided Products
73) Hair Banglez
74) Hair Extensions
75) Hemrid
76) Hipknoties
77) Hire Writers
78) Huskk
79) Hy and Associates
80) I Believe Productions
81) I Hate Clowns
82) I C Station
83) IDA Koos
84) Impressive Dental
85) In The Mood
86) Inks
87) Internet Blazer
88) JonRocket
89) Just B Nice
90) Just Under Things
91) Karina Dresses
92) Kelseys Connection
93) Kids Wellness
94) Kimmy Shop
95) Kiwi Bop
96) Lifeline
97) Lingerie Mart
98) Linktrackrr
99) Logo Nerds
100) Look Better Online
101) Lovely Wholesale
102) Lowell Thomas Tools
103) Luv Essentials
104) Magic World
105) Magic Tricks
106) Matthews Art Gallery
107) MeMoI Fashions
108) Memory Cross
109) Mineral Hygenics
110) Miracle Noodle
111) MisterNet
112) Mourad
113) Mouseflow
114) My App Builder
115) My Cleaning Products
116) My Drew
117) Nameboy
118) Novelties Warehouse
119) OraHealth
120) Outlet Plus
121) Pacific Callas
122) Panda Hall
123) Pen Boutique
124) Pictorem Print
125) Pink Apple
126) Polycoat
127) Professional Writing Services
128) Puzzle Master
129) Raw Nation
130) Responsible Energy
131) Resume Corner
132) Resume Planet
133) Richard Lupu
134) R&B Jewelry
135) Senvie Skin Care
136) Setavan
137) Shark Cage
138) Shawn Knight Embroidary
139) Shop The Adirondacks
140) Shop Catholics
141) Silver Rush
142) Skybell
143) Smart Art
144) Smart Kitchen
145) Smokeless Delite
146) Softball Rampage
147) Soul Electronics
148) Sports Integrity
149) SSL Corp
150) Synflex
151) Tech Orbits
152) The Black Bow
153) The Great YOGA
154) The Wellness Stand
155) Tiki Master
156) Tip Top Website
157) Toothy Grins
158) Total Health and Beauty
159) Trampoline City
160) Traverse Bay Farms
161) UStar Books
162) Ultimatum Theme
163) Vacations Made Easy
164) Vaped
165) Vivia
166) Woodgames
167) X-Gear
168) XAXE
169) Yoga Clothing