Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Albany Website Design

Albany Website Design

     Searching for a new website?  Have professionals design your website that have years of computer programming skills behind them.  You want people that will understand your ideas and implement them the right way the first time.  We have coders that specialize in PhP, Wordpress, and ASP.  We have helped hundreds of new businesses get off and running.  Our portfolio speaks for itself, we can help you with hosting as well.  If you need help with an existing website don't hesitate to shoot us an email and we can contact you with your questions.  To see what we do and see what our customers are saying please visit us here.  Everyone of our websites is keyword optimized for the search engines, this meaning you will rank high in all the search engines.  This is important because it will save you money on advertising costs.  The whole objective is to get your website on the 1st page of Google and Yahoo.  Our Albany Website Design Studio is here to serve you, no question is a bad question.  Our amazing team of programmers will make sure your site reaches your future customers the first time.  We want to make sure your happy, if this is your first business or you have an existing business we will be there to help you and guide you.  Capital District Website Design Has Never Been Better!

     We will have your site up and running within 5 days of receiving your down payment.  If we have any questions we will contact you to try and get a better understanding on what your looking for.  Our sole purpose is to make sure your happy with what you see and get.  Our team will tell you what we did to give you a broader scope of the project so you understand your website from beginning to end. 

     If you need help maintaining your site we will be happy to help you.  We can also help you with social media marketing.  Our experience has brought in thousands of dollars to our web owners in only a few short days.  Depending on what your business is selling we can drive traffic towards your site in only a short period of time.  When you talk to one of our team members please give them a wealth of knowledge to help them get a better picture of what your looking for.  We work for both large and small companies, so if you only need a 4 page site or a 100 page site we can do both.  Our team does everything in house including all graphics, if you need logos or banners we also specialize in grabbing your future customers eye.  If your looking for banners for future affiliates please let us know early enough how many banners you need and the sizes.  We use HostGator as our hosting, they are renowned for their uptime and customer service, your website will be working around the clock so hosting should be a important topic to understand.  Depending on how big your site is will determine the hosting cost.  But it's very affordable and you can sign up first and see their hosting plans at HostGator.

     When you sign up with us we will ask you questions regarding on how you would like your site set up.  There are many ways to format and code your new website and we will explain that to you to get your ideas.  Try to have some ideas before hand on how you would like your site to be laid out and the color combinations.  Our team is about as talented a team as you will find anywhere, we will go above and beyond to achieve your complete satisfaction.  You can even add a page to blog about your business, this comes in handy and you can call the page "News" this keeps your future clients updated about what's happening in the daily life of your business.  You don't have to have it just an option.  Please contact us for a quote and we will get back to you shortly.

     Our team can have you up and running within one week, you will receive a preview section before your site goes live to see if you'd like to change anything.  Your new site will undergo a complete checklist before going live, we will analyze everything before you receive it.  Our Albany Web Design team is second to none and our testimonials and portfolio speaks volumes.  We strive for three things, Affordability, Professionalism and Customer Service.  Let us build your website today!

The Albany Website Design Team

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