Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Make Your Own Videos

Make Your Own Videos

     Do you already own a website and would like to flood the site with traffic?  Videos can help your website be successful, even if you don't know how to upload or download.  This is for people that would like to make videos for themselves or affiliate sites.  It's a video marketing software on steroids and it's newbie friendly.  When you make your own video through us you can easily upload it to numerous video search engines like YouTube.  The nice part about our software is we do everything for you, we have the graphics and images to help you get started.  You can also use your own images of course but we have hundreds of ways you can make money by using our video software.  You can even add your own url and embed it into the video so when someone watches it they can click your link and be taken directly to the website you would like.  This is perfect for affiliates, plus before you add it to the search engines you can SEO the video so it ranks high in all search engines.  You have the ability to make as many videos as you wish.  You can add a opt in to the video so people can sign up, add the video to any Facebook Fan Page, start a list so when people sign up they can be added to your email list as subscribers!  You can change the fonts, change the colors, make the video stand out with dynamic colors.  This video software has hundreds of features that you won't see anywhere else and anyone can do it!  Once your video is completed it will be sent to your YouTube channel and uploaded instantly, just watch the site your pointing to and how much traffic it gets.  Think about it for a second, if your an affiliate for numerous companies and you make a few videos a day pointing to your hub site how much money you can make?  This is a affiliates dream!  You can make reviews of Amazon products and watch them appear on the 1st page of Google!

     Make your videos as outlandish as you wish!  The whole idea is to grab the viewers attention, the longer they view the video the better chance you have in making a sale.  Every video will look classy that's ow it's designed.  Now when you share the video to Facebook it can become viral!  You don't even have to make a video about your website, you can do it over a news related item and embed your url into the video, that's how powerful this software is.  You can copy another video from someone else, change it up to make it look like it's new and add your information within the description box and let it go viral, just watch the traffic you get.  You can do the same thing on Twitter, take a highly publicized topic make a video and add your information and watch it take off and be retweeted over and over again.  If you would like to make your own videos free this is what you've been looking for.  We will teach you a few tricks on how to add a video to Facebook so it will go viral!  If you own a home business this is a tool you can't live without, it's a link building machine because other video search engines will pick your video up giving you strong and powerful backlinks for the rest of your websites life.  This only means more money in your pocket.  You don't need any related video experience to be successful, we will walk you through everything from the beginning to the end.  Videos can be a powerful arsenal working on your behalf, remember they will be live forever.  If your looking to expand your business or just looking to make videos for friends this is the perfect solution.

     Would you like to try and make a video sales letter?  This converts like crazy and were not blowing smoke!  It's a powerful tool that you can add to any video, just watch how much traffic you get when you add this to your video.  It can be in any language, it can be contest related or you can harvest emails from future buyers.  Only the top 1% marketing gurus use this as part of their marketing formula.  If you use it on multiple sites you can expect a huge flood of traffic going to whatever website you have listed.  Were not kidding that's how powerful this is, people have used it on travel and ticket sites plus affiliate sites for MLM and Facebook Fan Pages.

     You will be overjoyed when you see how much money you can make by just adding this to your advertising methodology.  There is no way not to be successful now that you will be able to use videos as part of of your marketing efforts.  

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