Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Best Horse Racing Affiliates

Searching For Horse Racing Affiliates?

     If your into the gambling industry or have a love for horse racing then this could be right up your alley.  There are a few thoroughbred affiliates we can recommend that do pay quite well.  You can hope that when someone signs up through your affiliate link that they will continue to gamble, the longer they stay on the more you make.  That's one plus when your a gambling affiliate.  Chances are if they like what your offering they will stay there and if you know how gamblers operate, they keep coming back for more.  The more they lose the more money you make!  If you have a blog you can add their banners to your blog and hopefully someone clicks the banner and you will start making money.  Gamblers are finicky though, so maybe writing a blog won't attract them, we've found that videos are more of a way to go.  We noticed someone on YouTube that had 2 girls giving an example on handicapping contests, and we thought this was the route to go for.  It's a niche that is small but once your in the profits can be staggering, you just have to know how to market the approach.  Here is a link to the video so you know what we are talking about,  I'm not sure where they made the video but I'm guessing it was a pretty good idea, because when we pulled up Handicapping Contests for certain tracks they rank on the first few pages so kudos to them for pulling that one off.

     Now because there are many thoroughbred harness and greyhound tracks that run the chance you can hit this one out of the ballpark is pretty good.  There has to be some kind of incentive though, so if you decide to make a blog that centers around horses these are the banners and companies to do business with.  We've seen some people that offer up their free picks for the day, but many are copying them off different sites.  So if you think your a good handicapper just give your honest opinions on who you think will win the race but add a smaller banner to the bottom of the post, if people read your whole article they then will see your link to the horse racing affiliate.  Now many of these businesses offer free money when someone new signs up.  It goes like this if someone new signs up the business will offer them up to 300.00 for just registering.  This means if someone new signs up and deposits let's say 200.00 they will be given another 200.00 to gamble with FREE!  Now this is a pretty good incentive to get signed up.  We've seen a few out there that were pretty scammy so we only recommend a few.

     Bet America is a site that gives it's new patrons 300.00 for just signing up!  They have a good mixture of tracks all over the globe plus greyhounds.  They also offer fantasy sports so gamblers have a lot to choose from.  They give you a wide variety of banners and videos you can use to add to your site and all of them are professionally made.  They even have a radio network and have a banner for that as well.  So you have a lot to choose from when it comes to making money from Bet America!  I suggest if your a gambler that you sign up as well. you can't go wrong and how can you say no to 300 dollars?  They have their affiliate signup at the bottom of the page.  So when you get to the site click the affiliate link and sign up, it usually takes then 24 hours to get you signed up but that in turn gives you time to think about how you will advertise and market for them.  You can also use the money you make there and transfer it into your betting account!  They do it right and have been doing it right for a while now.

     Twin Spires is another we recommend and they also have a nice incentive, they are giving away 100.00 to new players!  Here's another one you should sign up with if you haven't already!  How can you say no to 100.00?  They have some of the better player rewards in the industry.  These are the two best horse racing affiliates you can be a part of.  The commission structure is pretty good also.  You have to sign up with them to find the affiliate link at the bottom.

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