Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Alabama Home Business

Start a Small Business In Alabama

     This is your opportunity to start a small home based business in Alabama and be successful forever!  There are a lot of positives when you start a new home business namely tax write offs.  The question is what home business should I start?  We recommend you stay away from get rich schemes and multi level marketing.  These pyramid schemes always drain your bank account, maybe you've tried them in the past only to get burnt.  No one especially friends and family want to get emails from you telling them to sign up, it's a good way to lose friendships.  You want to start a real business, one that sells actual products, one that has a nice looking website and is easy on the eyes.  If you really want a job change then look no further.  If your just looking to make extra money working from home then your in the right place.  People all over Alabama have taken our advice and are making serious cash.  You could be next!  Drop Shipping is the answer and if you don't know what that is let me explain it briefly.  Once someone orders from your site you will be then notified via email, you then place the order with the wholesale supplier and pay them.  They in turn will ship the product out with your business name on the box and you collect the profits.  That's the basics on how drop shipping works.  The problem is there are thousands of drop shippers all over the globe, well we've done the hard work for you and have a list of the best wholesalers in the industry.  OK so do you have a niche, or an idea that you think would be profitable?  Chances are we have a wholesaler with that product, our team can design a website for you that looks amazing!  We will add the products for you with a description that is search engine friendly, add a checkout cart for you so you get paid and host the site for you as well.  You can even register your domain name here!  That's just a few reasons why so many Alabama residents are using us when they have a idea for a business.

     We think you should use Salehoo to get started.  Their team is second to none when it comes to guiding you along the way plus they do all the hard work for you!  This is your own business you are the sole owner and you call the shots.  They will help with the design of your site and make it user friendly.  When traffic comes to your site you want that traffic to buy, so the team ensures that the traffic you get will be targeted traffic.  They will explain how to market your new home business to the social media masses so you can make even more money.  You want a website that will work for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week mainly on auto pilot.  It can be a hands off business but the more you advertise the more money you will make.  There are people in Montgomery, Birmingham, Auburn, Mobile and Tuscaloosa that are using us as we speak!  If your looking to start a new business in Birmingham Alabama then this is the place to start.  We also give you a mobile ready website because many people now buy using their smart phone, you can also have a app made and have it on ITunes and Google Play!  Working from home in Alabama has never been easier, for over 30 years we've helped thousands of people just like you become successful.  You don't have to have any computer knowledge, we take care of everything for you, we only need what you'd like to sell and how your site will look.  You will be shocked on how much profit you will make off of each sale.

     Our professionals will give you guidance on how to mark up your products so you can beat out the competition.  They will also help you with advertising and how to get to the 1st page of all search engines.  This is called organic traffic, and basicly what it means is that when people look up a certain product and they find you in Google or Bing it's like having free advertising!  The team will teach you how to do this or we can do it for you for a fee.  Are you sick of your current situation and need a change?  Do you hate your job and find yourself going nowhere?  That's probably why your here.

     You want a better life for you and your family, you want to start paying off your debts and start saving for the future.  You see people with new cars and it's depressing!  This can all change when you sign up!  You will have access to some amazing minds, they will help grow your company and give you tips and advice on how to manage your new business.  It's a business that you can hand down generation to generation and have your kids run it in the future.  Please don't wait, the longer you wait the less of a chance you have to be successful.  Take a pro active approach and start your new business today.  

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