Monday, January 9, 2017

Business Ideas That Took Off

Here Are Just Some Ideas That They Said Wouldn't Work

     If you have an Business Idea and you don't think it's any good, we say go through with it even if it takes you a while to see it accomplished.  The best ideas usually come from people that either have no money or people that can see into the future.  Products don't necessarily have to be digital, they don't have to be apps or connected to the computer.  One gentleman saw a need for a local lawyer delivery service, he knew of lawyers that had to get documents to other lawyers immediately or have papers sent to the court house.  He started a local lawyer delivery service dedicated in helping lawyers in his local area.  Being laid off as an ex delivery driver he noticed the need for a specialized service in his home town and ran with it, he started with his own vehicle and started mailing letters out to local lawyers, well his business began to start taking off very quickly!  He now sub contracts his business out to local senior citizens that deliver these important papers and he sits home and bills the lawyers.  Not a bad idea, and we haven't seen this anywhere else.  After paying his employees he makes in excess of 2500.00 a week not to shabby with a simple idea.  We've seen people start pet sitting businesses and it's a booming business!  We didn't realize how popular this was until we did a local search in our area, there aren't enough to go around.  Pet Sitters charge by the hour and by the day, when someone goes away and they have pets they would rather have a pet sitter then bring them to a pet daycare.  Pet Sitters are making well over 300.00 a day with minimal hours.  This is a business anyone can start and is easy to spread all over social media, we noticed many people on Facebook that are looking for a service like this.  Mobile pet grooming is another idea that has taken off, we've seen this also on social media, people coming to your home to groom dogs and cats.  This business can be very profitable, because it's more of a word of mouth business this is what you want.
     When a customer sees the job you do they will often tell their friends and it becomes viral, you just have to be prepared and have a vehicle that's big enough to do this in.  I don't recommend you go into the clients home and perform the grooming there, that's why they are paying you.  One person bought a small school bus and converted it into a mobile grooming business another bought a cube van and did the same thing.  On the mobile theme we have also noticed many people that are willing to come to your home and cut hair, men and women.  Senior citizens are finding it hard to get out these days especially in bad weather, you can visit assisted living places in your area and drop off newsletters explaining on what you do-we guarantee if you get into a business like this you will do extremely well.  People are also looking for someone to sit with their parents, you don't have to be a CNA or aide, you can place an ad onto craigslist and explain you will sit with a elderly person help cook their food and do some cleaning up for them and charge an hourly rate, you can't give pills or medicine to them but you can help them with daily chores.  It's very easy and once you get established the money isn't half bad.  You can go to the market do they're shopping and pick up the necessities they need, it's a service that goes unrecognized but is much needed in your home town. Cleaning Homes Business is also starting to take off, this is another business that can explode for you as people are always looking to have their homes cleaned.  You can do Office Cleaning also and this can make you a ton of money, try placing a ad on Facebook and starting a fan page for this, once you start to get clients start making posts to social media and just watch how many inquiries you get, perfect for seniors that can't clean their homes and the money is pretty good.  Starting a Gift Basket Business is quickly becoming one of the hottest businesses to start from scratch.  The markup is huge and you can sell worldwide and to friends and family.  You can make specialty Gift Baskets for birthday's, Christmas Gifts and Retirement Parties.  If you learn the basics on what to add to gift baskets you could make 70% profit on each one.

     Starting a perfume or candle business is very popular these days also, you can buy perfume and candles for next to nothing and resell them on your website or at a party at your home.  we can help you locate Perfume Drop Shippers and Candle Wholesalers in your area.  People that start these kinds of businesses are usually successful because they already know what they want and how much they are going to charge, usually you have a pretty good sense of what your doing when it comes to these sorts of products.  Another good idea is Starting a Pest Control Business.  A pest control business can really make you money quick, you just have to be licensed in your state that being said you can get contracts with local businesses and restaurants and get monthly checks!  Doing private homes can be very lucrative also!  This is another word of mouth business that can grow very fast.  We hope you give these some thought and add us to your favorites, as we give out helpful start up business ideas weekly.
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