Sunday, January 8, 2017

Established Home Business For Sale

Searching For an Established Home Biz?

     If it's successful chances are nobody sells but there are places you can browse.  Many of these so called established websites for sale are on there for a reason, usually it's because the business failed or sometimes you will see a web developer that enjoys making affiliate sites.  If that's the case then you have a 50-50 chance in making money, unless you know how to code and rearrange some things. If your not well educated on how to code a blog it's not that hard, both wordpress and blogger are self explanatory and if you have questions there are many forums out there that can help you along the way.  Were not big fans of ebay but if you use the search bar and type in home business for sale you will see a ton of listings, just look at the person selling it and check them out first before buying. Flippa is another site that might be a little more credible but not that much, many fakes and so called website developers that will lie to you in numerous ways just to get you to buy one of their sites.  The people that run the show there are really full of themselves and I get that they are there to make money but some of the crap that is listed there has to make you think?  Why would someone sell a site that makes them 10,000 a month and doesn't cost them a dime to run?  Just use common sense there, now you can also go to the Warrior Forum, there you can also find sites for sale and tips on how to code, advertise and many other things.  You will see where affiliates are listing their site hoping people like you respond and advertise for them, this place has it all.  It's a good spot for a novice to see how you can better your SEO, getting back links, and other common questions.  Just use your head and if it looks suspicious chances are it usually is.  There are not that many places to look for Websites For Sale or Online Businesses For Sale.  If you have an idea for a product, then get with a web designer and give them your criteria and when it's all said and done you have something you want from a reputable company, though it might cost you more it's less of a headache for you down the road, were just speaking from past experiences.  Do your homework on your competition and take your time, check out what they offer and how they're site is laid out, if you were a customer would you buy something from them?  These are all questions you should answer before purchasing an existing online business.  Don't rush into anything, we still say try and be original, make this your own if you have to pay extra trust us it's worth it in the long haul.  If you don't have the money right now for your new venture, try saving money because when it's all said and done you'll be much happier on how it looks and how the whole process turned out.

     Here are just a few ideas that we've come across that will blow you away, all these people were just like you at one time (just starting out).  A older retired man started a company cleaning grave stones he started a small blog, went to vista print had some business cards made out then he got the newspaper and looked for the obituaries and started mailing people his card with a info letter on what he did, all he did was clean the head stone twice a year.  He got where the person was buried cleaned up around the headstone and used a cleaner to make it look good, he charged 25.00 twice a year when it was completed he took a picture with his phone and sent it to the customer and then billed him, long story short it was brilliant!  He does over 100 stones a week with the help of some friends and pockets 1000.00 every week, plus the tax advantages are incredible because of the use of his vehicle and phone he can write just about everything off!  As you can see it can be done, and his company is growing each month!  Finding an Established Home Business For Sale is no easy task, we think it's much easier and more profitable to do it yourself with a little help from a web designer.  Everyone learns from their mistakes, see if your niche is of any value to someone first before starting a business.  We hope this gives you some inspiration on where to turn to next and how to evaluate your competition.
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