Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Cleaning Headstones

You Can Make Money Cleaning Headstones

     This is a business that you can start with very little money, it's a niche not many think about but were here to tell you that it might something you should look into.  If you do a search on the internet we bet you can't find anyone that does this in your area.  We didn't realize how many searches there were pertaining to (Clean Headstones) so we asked around and we found a few people in our area that do this.  I asked how he got started and he was a simple blue collar guy and explained to me that he was looking for someone to do this for his parents that were passed away.  A few times a year he liked to get to the cemetary and clean around the grave site and make it look nice, clean the granite stone and pull the weeds.  I wanted it to look nice if someone came by to see them, as he did his search he couldn't find anyone that had a service like this, so he ended up trying to do it part time.  He had some business cards made up and on the cards it explained what he did and the prices he charged. He did it twice a year, and he expected to be paid after the stone was cleaned, he took a picture of it when he was done and sent it to the customer and he received his check, sounds easy right?  Well it was easy, the hard part was locating the headstone to begin with, but with some help from the customer and the cemetary itself it actually didn't take long at all.  When he found it, a note was made to make sure when he went back he could locate it easier.  Each headstone took him less then 20 minutes to clean, he uses a environmentally safe cleaner to wipe the stone down, pull the weeds and makes the area around the stone look nice and he's done.  He charged 20.00 which is cheap, but he does this every 6 months so he's getting 40.00 from the customer.  Now you know what happened next, you know there is more family members there that also need it to be done?  This guy is pretty sharp, he asked if that was the only stone they wanted and if they said yes he made sure when he sent the picture to the client he sent the others that were close by that needed it.  You know they weren't going to say no!  So why he's there he picked up a few more stones to do, so he made 60 dollars or maybe more for a few minutes of his time.  Then when he was there, if he saw someone there he either helps them and gives them his card and he gets more business.  Of course we hired him to do our family, then I asked how many do you do a week?  He said roughly between 40 and 50, and he said he had to hire one other person!  This is CASH MONEY! Did you ever think Cleaning Headstones could make you money?

     He then proceeded to tell me, he can't keep up with the work, this guy was brilliant!  Once he was somewhat established in his area he started going to funeral homes and leaving his card with the owners and they passed it to the deceased relatives, the owners thought this was a great idea and he got even more business!  He placed a small add in a local penny saver and got even more business, he ended up hiring 3 retirees that love what they do.  He pays them per stone and gives them a few bucks for gas.  I never realized how you could make money this way, well now we know and thought of doing it in our hometown.  You don't have to be a expert in business to see that this works, maybe being in a cemetary would creep you out, maybe not but the fact of the matter is he made a business out of nothing.  His overhead is next to nothing, he makes great money, and he answers to no one but the customer.  Just think if you only did 10 headstones a week, that's 200 dollars in your pocket!  This has to be one of the Best Home Business Ideas we've ever heard of, we asked him about his new SUV and he made us laugh and said the dead people paid for it!

    Not sure you will need a business plan for this, but you should have somethings written down to help you get through the day.  Make sure you had the clients name and their cell phone number, their address, the deceased name, the burial plot# and where they are located and cleaning materials plus maybe a weed puller.  Just think how much business you could get if you hustled?  He always had business cards, that was his down fall in the beginning.  He now has a website where people can pay online where he does much of his business from but having cards is a real plus.  He hands them out to friends, at bars and other places he wouldn't mention.  I said to him, this was one of the coolest ideas I've ever heard of.  We guarantee if you start a business like this, and follow the simple plan that he did you will do very good for yourself.  Cleaning Headstones is very clever, maybe you should do this in your area, I bet you would make a killing.

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