Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Senior Citizen Sitters

We All Get To That Age

     This is a business that anyone can do in their spare time, you will be working for yourself but the hours might not be conducive to what your used to.  You won't need experience, though patience should be one of your better qualities.  As people get older they will need help, but some are in pretty good shape and don't need assisted living or a nursing home yet.  This is where you come in, you could be doing various things like doing dishes, maybe going to the market, making their lunch or just sitting with them watching television.  They have their wits about them but can't perform the daily functions that they are used to.  The children of these seniors are many times living out of town or they can't be there for them during the day, and hiring a certified nurses assistant can get expensive.  You can charge a hourly wage or a daily fee, depending on the hours that is needed.  You have to be somewhat flexible, some may need more help in the morning some may need more help in the evening, you will have to cater to them.  An average fee is close to 20.00 per hour, sometimes you could go a little higher but always try to get at least a 4 hour minimum so it's worth your time.  Don't asked to get paid upfront, wait till the end of the week for payment.  One of the nice things is that it's usually cash, now if someone wants to pay you in a check explain to them if it is a check can they make it to cash, usually they won't have a problem doing this.  Try to be personable when writing a classified ad for this kind of work, give as much information within the ad and tell the world what you will do, don't give a price in the classified listing just give them what your willing to do and leave a email address and phone number so they can contact you.  Craigslist is the perfect place to advertise these services, once you get established with a client you'll see your business start to expand.  Meet with the person and their children to see if it's a good fit, you have to sell yourself in order to get the job, chances are the children will be doing a few interviews so be honest and tell them everything up front so there are no communication problems down the road.  Senior Citizen Sitters has quickly becoming a hot home business over the last decade, as people get older they need help as you will one day.  You will probably work more then 20 hours a week so that's roughly 400.00 take home, not bad if it's cash.  If your business does take off, then you can hire other people to do this for you and you get a percentage of the business.

     Because you don't need special licensing for this type of work it's easy to start and won't cost you anything to start your business.  You could be retired yourself and looking for a way to earn some money, it's not a bad way to earn some extra cash.  Once your situated with a client, we recommend trying to learn as much about them when all of you sit down, take some take some time to find out what their needs are, what they did in the past and ask for emergency numbers in case you need to contact someone.  Show that you have a caring side and are willing to do extra things for them, like cleaning or doing laundry.  The more you can do the better a chance you will get hired.  If they ask for references tell them everything, be honest that's what they are looking for.  If this is your first attempt at starting a business like this tell them that, you have to start somewhere.  Tell them about your life, what you did in the past for work and what makes you the best person for the job.  It's a rewarding position helping someone that is getting older, you'll make a new friend and it's comforting to them knowing they can count on you if something goes wrong.  You can really make this business your own, if your younger I'm sure you have ideas to make a business like this grow, please remember that this is more of a local home business, try not to branch out to other cities as there are also people doing this there.  If you see the business taking off after a few years then you might want to think about getting bigger and maybe starting a franchise?  It's really what you want to make it, when your starting out try and stay small and see how it goes.  Senior Citizen Sitters is the new wave, it doesn't take a lot of experience but you have to be caring and confident with a pleasant personality plus a good sense of humor is always good to have.

     This is a great little business to start, you must be reliable and have a great personality we hope you do well and good luck in your future endeavor.

Thank You

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