Wednesday, January 4, 2017

How To Advertise a New Website

Proper Ways To Advertise a New Website

     It doesn't matter if your a seasoned professional or a newbie, algorithms have changed over the years making it harder to keep up with how search engines rank your site.  We wanted to show you how to get your site to the masses the right way.  This is how Google and Yahoo determine where your site falls into the page process.  There is a way to move up the ladder and that being said we wanted to give you the science on how to improve your page ranking within all search engines.

1)  Google still looks for back links, this is something you can't ignore and should be your first priority when marketing your site.  It is number one on their list, the problem is many people think all links are the same and trust me that's not the case.  You have to have links that are somewhat compatible to your own site.  Some directory listings are OK the problem with that is the people that own that domain in which the directory is listed usually sells the domain after a few years, with all the links attached it becomes more valuable, then you have nothing to show for all your hard work.
You want to have positive back links, these are more valuable and the algorithms have proved that over time.  If your looking to build high profile links to your site we can recommend you trying LinkVine they get you to page one and that's saying a lot, many high profile businesses use them to acquire more sales.  They are proof that link building works.  Especially one way quality back links!

2)  Article Directories are seen by Google at the top of the list, you can consider this more like smaller press releases.  They work because article directories have new content brought to them everyday, they have a solid page rank and Google says content is king!  They really are mini Press Releases for your business, we recommend you writing a few articles every month to tell the world about your business and what your offering, certain sales and new offerings.  You have the ability to use keywords and phrases within the article itself, try and be specific about the news or products and add quality content.  The nice part is that these links stay forever and other article directories will pick your information up as well.  We recommend using a Article Submitter for this, because signing up with numerous directories can take forever, this makes it easy and you can use it forever!  This is part of the formula in reaching Page One!

3)  Posting to Social Media sites like Twitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn YouTube and More!  These sites have high page ranking, you should have this to do as #3.  Social Media can take your site to new levels, if someone sees something and they like it or share it chances are others will also see it.  There are literally hundreds of sites like these the list goes on forever.  You want something automatic, a software that will automatically create over 180 new accounts for you, then post to those accounts.  your syndicated content will be on high profile websites all over the web giving you a huge amount of traffic, and this is targeted traffic.  You will reach people that have a viable interest in what your selling!  Use this Powerful Software to reach the masses and watch the sales roll in.  large and smaller businesses just like you use this for maximum results!

4)  Videos can help your site in many ways, but I know what your thinking I have no clue and no camera to use.  You don't need anything, a company has developed a software that has the world talking!  It develops the videos for you and automatically uploads them to YouTube!  It's inexpensive and works like a charm, the nice part about this is it doesn't take a lot of time and the videos stay forever.  Let's say you wanted to do a review of a product, in under 2 minutes you can have the video up with a keyword description and uploaded with your website attached.  That's how easy and powerful this is, we use it daily for numerous affiliate sites.  We generate hundreds of sales with video advertising.  You need to see how this Video Marketing Software works and how it can work for you.

     These are the TOP 4 ways in order to reach Page One on Bing Google and Yahoo.  There are also other ways that won't cost a lot even those are very affordable, but remember those are not the only search engines out there.  You can use a Free Search Engine Submitter to add your site to over 100 more search engines and every little bit helps.  If you would like to see other ways Facebook can help someone invented a Fan Page Robot that posts cool things to your Fan Page every few hours, it's actually pretty clever how it works and is a valuable asset to have.  LinkedIn goes down a different path, it's not for everyone and rarely generates traffic and sales not something we would recommend but there is a software out there that can generate some traffic so we wanted to give you that option here so take a look at the LinkedIn Software and judge for yourself if you need it or not.  Instagram Software is something new and we are learning about it now, we've done some small trials with it and seen some positive results.  It tags certain pictures with affiliate links and spreads them all over Instagram.  It will be part of our arsenal soon, we do like it but we haven't purchased it at the moment.  Many use a software called Contest Burner we love it and have it on many of our sites and love the responses we get, it really adds to our email list.  You can use it on numerous social media sites and were sure you've seen it in action in the past.  I recommend you giving this a whirl and fool around with it a little bit, you'll love it.  If your searching for more Facebook Likes your not alone, there is a business and software that can build likes for you, and these are real people by the way.  It will grow your Fan Page very quickly.  It's something to look at especially if you have a newer site.

     If you would like to build your own Fan Page or have numerous pages then this is what your looking for.  It can build you a Fan Page and also attract real people!  They will be liking your page within 24 hours, it's an amazing piece of software that really works.  So if your looking for a Fan Page Builder we recommend you taking a look and see what you think.  We have given you a lot of important information on how to advertise your website, please add this page to your favorites and come back when you feel the need.
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