Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Solo Ads and Optins

Solo Ads and Optins

     Why do people use Solo Ads?  The answer is simple, they get sales and results plus Optins.  Let me explain what Solo Ads are, it's a list of people have filled out a form stating that they were interested in a product usually it's MLM or focused around a home business they list of people is owned by someone who is willing to share it but charges a fee to get your site out there.  You will never get burnt using Solo Ads, your site won't get penalized by Google or anyone else.  It's a way to market your website to a centralized amount of people that are interested in what you have to sell. Many won't guarantee sales but most all guarantee clicks, hopefully you will get a few sales or maybe even more then you think.  Financially you won't get killed, and you have a opportunity to spread the word about your site which is always a good thing.  We recommend giving this a try, but when you do this try spreading the clicks out over a week or two or buying at different times.  This gives you a broader scope and what to expect.  Solo Ads have been used for years by various people and organizations.  I've seen real estate agents use these ads for people looking to sell their homes, others have used it for signups for their own business, some have used it for travel and tickets so it works we all know that but to the extent one never knows until you give it a shot. We have used them in the past with moderate success that being said you have nothing to lose.  Buying Cheap Solo Ads will never hurt anything, we've seen people actually make thousands of dollars just because of the MLM they were promoting so it does work.

     There are people that live off of email lists, they collect these emails hoping one day they can use them at a later date for selling others products.  It's a form of advertising that no one really talks about because it's centered around multi level marketing, but larger companies use this form of marketing for special events, coupons and entertainment purposes.  Sending out your ad to thousands of people can be a little unnerving at times because you won't know what the response is until you see the data. Your taking a shot in the dark and hoping for the best, but like we said you have nothing to lose.  If your selling a product like heating pads I wouldn't use this form of advertising but if I had a ticket site or a travel site then yes I would take a shot and see if anyone saved us to their favorites or maybe even bought.  It really depends on what your selling.  Mainly all solo ads are sent using the english language and sent at the dinner time hour.  You will notice the clicks you get will be mostly after 7 pm that's when you know it's legitimate and was sent by a reliable list builder.  `Some of the Best Solo Ads were sent by people who had no idea what they were doing, and that's the truth!  It's funny how life works out sometimes, we knew of someone that just got into a MLM opportunity and bought this and made 200,000 in 30 days so it can happen and has happened!  

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